Book Review: Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey

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I've finished my first book of the year! I'm also about halfway through my second one. I'm hoping to continue building momentum after I let excessive screen time hijack my reading last year. Here is book 1 of 25, Sarah Bessey's Out of Sorts.

Out of Sorts instantly made it to my top picks for this year even though I didn't pore over every word. I didn't need to because Sarah Bessey's autobiography of faith reads almost like my own--so much so that I finished the book in just a few days.

Currently / January

We're three days into the New Year. Blink and the next thing you know, springtime will be upon us. But for the next couple of months, we can still enjoy the slowness of our snow-free winter here in California.

For today's post, I'm joining the Currently Linkup hosted by Anne. Here's what's going down for this month:

starting // My new Passion Planner. The format really suits me as I like breaking down my day into blocks or by the hour. Mind maps--which I already do for various purposes---are also incorporated to help brainstorm and keep track of goals. 

hoping // That I would be able to have everything I need for my US green card renewal.

scheduling // My trip to the Philippines! I'm flying out sometime in February to visit family and friends I haven't seen since I migrated to the US. I will only be there for 12 days total so I'm planning to make the most of my trip.

reading // Sarah Bessey's Out of Sorts and Viet Than Nguyen's The Refugees.

playing // Mindhunter and Black Mirror S4 on Netflix. 


Currently / November-December Edit

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Filipinos take Christmas celebration to a whole new level. That's why when I first moved to California, the lack of holiday cheer in September was new to me. But we're now a week into December and there's no denying that Christmas is upon us! 

It's been a while since I participated in a linkup, let alone share what I've been digging lately. Today I'm joining Anne and Catherine for The Currently Linkup to change that. :)

Starting my essential oils journey

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My first exposure to essential oils was probably 10 or so years ago. I remember hearing the word "aromatherapy" from my mom. We used to have this little dark blue porcelain diffuser that stood in the little corner of our living room. She would fire it up using a tealight, top it up it with fragrant oils, and the house would smell divine. My mom used it mainly to keep our house smelling nice and the diffuser served as decoration, too.

Fast forward to today, essential oils (EOs) are present in many of the social media accounts and blogs I follow. There is something a bit faddish about it and I figured maybe it wasn't for me, but I was curious nonetheless. Then I met a lady who sold doTERRA and my curiosity was piqued even more.

A Late Thanksgiving Post

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Yesterday I celebrated my second Thanksgiving in the US. I still find it interesting that Black Friday comes after people have gathered with their loved ones and (hopefully) pondered what they were grateful for. I will say, though, that Black Friday is a good opportunity to buy things you actually need that would otherwise be too expensive to get on any other day. You can also shop online to avoid in-store madness. Now I'm just rambling. The irony just baffles me, I guess.

September Edit

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wall art | Coffee & Tea Collective | North Park, San Diego, CA
It was still September 2 days ago, the busiest month of my year by far mostly because the tail end of summer and the beginning of Fall marks convention season. I'm yet to know why yet but different industries just seem to convene around this time. Today and tomorrow are my days off (praise Jesus for my generous boss). After a full week of working at the Hyatt downtown (meetings, moving boxes, scanning badges, day after day of interacting with people), this introvert is ready for some down time.

Thought Vomits 9/20

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I like concrete, tall buildings, and a bit of cloudy gloom even though the place I call home is laden with beaches beneath sunny skies. I enjoy the company of silence and solitude even though my current trade entails attending large group gatherings. Small talk would have been the death of me, until hello how are you, I’m fine how about yourself broke down walls and taught me how to listen better. I call myself an introvert until the four letter types became self-imposed limits.

My skin is stretching in more ways than one. Aging and time are peculiar things.

I prefer pancakes over waffles, coffee over tea, and the old soul in me likes classic over contemporary music.  I would rather wear neutrals than be clothed in color and loud prints. My inner life can be tumultuous, and I would metaphorically run away to cope, but I now face fear head on. I name it, confront it, and pray to the God I love until it melts away.

Many of life’s problems have solutions. Jumping off a bridge is not one of them.

I am not sports-crazed but I enjoy the thrill of watching American football on a 70-inch plasma television, your window to the world. I'm easing my way into the habit of reading. There was a time when I spent more hours reading books than being held captive by the screen glow of my devices. I like to say I’m a writer but I say this to no one in particular.

I need to write to keep my sanity. I need to write to process deeply.

I feel nauseated when I scroll through the infinite time-suck that is social media, avoiding it as best I can to avoid the comparison trap. I hate that I am constantly inconsistent. All I want is a steady routine but I am a creature of process, often not in linear fashion but more cyclical.

There are days when I feel like I am not a good enough wife, daughter, friend. I have one soul. I am whole. I want to give fully.