Hi, and welcome to Victapolis!

If you’re wondering what all the hullaballoo is about, here it is:

Patricia and I have maintained various blogs separately throughout the years, and even before meeting each other and getting married we tended to write about the same things. A ministry update here, an album review there, and all sorts of life and randomness in between. So after tying the knot we thought, “Why not create a common space for all the interests we share and love?"

The result is our city, Victapolis. (Polis is Greek for “city” and Victa is our surname.) Why a city theme for our personal blog, you may ask? Well, in addition to our love for all things Star Wars, literature, and Jesus, we also share a love for all things urban. We believe God wants to impact cities with his gospel of light and love, such that both cities and the people who reside in them are utterly transformed. Additionally, we love tracing intersections between art and spirituality that often materialize in the city.

All things considered, you will find Victapolis to be a repository of our experiences with faith and culture in everyday life. We pray you will be encouraged and enlightened during your time here, and we invite you to interact with us and the content as well. After all, this is your city too. :)

Carlo & Patricia

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