Seminary Diaries: The First Two Weeks

Hey friends! Patricia here :) At the time of this post's writing, Carlo and I have just returned from the last Spiritual Emphasis Week chapel service. Our guest speaker from New Zealand ministered to us on prophecy and the prophetic office. This encouraged me to really go deeper in the Word because through it, the Lord always speaks.

Anyway, it's now been two weeks since I started classes at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary. The first class sessions have been good and I'm adjusting well to life on campus. I've gotten to know more people through orientation week, my classes, meal times, and chapel. It's also good to reconnect with some old friends I met when Carlo was still a student. I'm so grateful to the Lord for placing us here. APTS is amazing :)

For those who might be curious, I'm currently taking the following classes:

Theological Research Methods I. I actually majored in Communication Research when I was in college. It's nice to sharpen my research skills at the graduate level and apply the same methods to theological inquiry.

Biblical Theology of Missions. We've been looking at a holistic theology of the missio Dei or the mission of God as revealed in Scripture. By the end of the class, we hope to come up with our own biblical theology of missions and think deeply about how that looks like in our different cultural contexts. In our class of ten students, six nations (and six different cultures) are represented, but the beautiful thing is that we serve the same God and his mission. Exciting times!

Apologetics. This is a block course that starts on July 20 but we're expected to read from our textbook Debating Christian Theism beforehand. While I need to work smart in all of my classes, l need to put in a little extra for this one because of its philosophical structure. I'm excited to see how an apologetics class (which looks more like Philosophy of Religion) is carried out in an Asian seminary. It's time to be stretched. :)

Our Apologetics textbook!
In all of these classes and future ones, I hope to develop discipline not just academically but more so in my spiritual formation. If there's anything that I need to guard carefully, it's my private times with the Lord. With all the school work and events, the temptation to spend less time studying the Word and praying is there. Every day I'm learning that only when I have spent time seeking first the kingdom of God will I be able to do well as a wife, student, and servant. I'm less likely to be overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious.

There are so many things to learn (and unlearn) during my time here. There's A LOT of reading and writing as school continues, but I hope to update consistently and share things that might also benefit you. I just want to thank God for the privilege of serving him, being wife to Carlo, and studying at APTS. To our supporters, thank you for investing in us.

Onward! -P

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