Victas to SD: Baby Steps

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Friends, the process has begun. Last Sunday, November 8, Carlo filed the petition so we could apply for an immigrant visa for me. It will be a long process but we are praying, trusting, and making sure we are on top of things. As the application continues, we will be posting some updates until our departure date.

Carlo misses Chula Vista and I'm excited to go there by next year! Would you consider praying with us? :)

My Problem with These Three Words

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I get the sense that the words "You are enough" is, well, not enough. And perhaps this really is just about semantics.

I understand what this is meant to convey. I am aware that this is to remind people how loved and valued they are, and that there is no need to prove themselves or be someone else because who they are is, in a sense, enough.

But I feel like we are shortchanging our sisters (and brothers for that matter) when we remind them that they are enough without saying WHY they are enough. Or more specifically, WHO it is that makes them enough.

Because I believe in Christ, I believe in this Grand Story, this glorious euangelio (good news) that Jesus Christ came down to live, die, and live again so that we may be made right with God.

So that we are redeemed and no longer slaves to our sins.
So that we may be cleansed,
declared righteous,
So that we may inherit life eternal and become citizens of God's kingdom 
where love, peace, and righteousness dwell.
So that we may be COMPLETE

On the other side of "being enough" is also "not being enough" to save ourselves or having the ability to earn God's favor.

He has done for us what we could not do for ourselves. In God's sight, because of Jesus, we are enough. And that is all I'm concerned about, really. If we are believers and we forget to give praise to whom praise is due, the very source of our identity and hence, our "enough-ness," then something is amiss.

I'm of the opinion that the full impact of that three-word statement is lacking if we don't also acknowledge that there is someone who eternally, absolutely, and perfectly loves us during our darkest and lowest moments.

Having said all of that, I want to tell you that you *are* loved. That you *are* valued. That you were created uniquely for a divine purpose by God whose image you bear.

You are enough because our God is more than enough.