2016 Goals // The Year + January

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
-wise words from Antoine De Saint-ExupĂ©ry for every person out there who wrote down resolutions/goals for the new year, myself included. 

In this post I’m sharing my 2016 goals, the least groundbreaking way to update the blog for the New Year :)) I’ve previously written annual goals but this is actually the first time I broke them up into quarterly lists. I want to consistently expose myself to these goals so I have them in my planner, on our kitchen whiteboard (for monthly priorities), and I also plan to blog about each month's progress.

I spent some time reflecting last December and I used the holiday break to dream and think about 2016. But even with these goals in mind, paper, and blog, I submit to whatever it is the Lord wants to do in my life this year. I desire to go through these goals in fear and trembling before the Lord, in constant prayer to make sure that these plans are aligned with his will. I want to enjoy the freedom I have in his lordship, where I neither hold on too tight to my goals nor do I go about the year by winging it in the name of "openness" to his plans.

Having said that, here's what I hope to accomplish over the next twelve glorious months. And like what the quote said, goals need plans so in my planner, I've written specific action items for most of the goals but I did not include them here.  Also, most of the goals I'll pursue throughout the year are in the 1st Quarter since I'm jump-starting them this January.

Okay, let's have a look-see:

The Goals

  •  Finish my seminary graduate certificate and re-think my plans for my Master’s. USA or here?Seminary or a secular university? 
  • Start memorizing at least 5 verses every week.
  • Continue HelloMornings.
  • Reboot P90X3 with my husband. We started this week!
  •  Take care of immigration stuff because our petition has been approved!
  • Wake up at 6:30am every day, to bed by 10:30pm
  • No more white rice in the evenings, lower rice consumption throughout the week
  • Blog overhaul
  • Grow in creativity (particularly writing) and communication (with friends and family)
  • Continue supporting Carlo's creative pursuits and preaching
  • Sunday prayer time with Carlo
  • Fly to San Diego! We hope to be in Chula Vista within these months.
  • Research volunteer opportunities and sign up!
  • Be connected to small group and local church
  • Go on a road trip with Carlo
  • Find a job
  • Learn to drive and get my license
  • Find a mentor (and find someone that I could mentor as well)

  • Make decision on further education

The Tools

  •  Weekly Moleskine planner and my Darth Vader journal. I need a lot of paper around me!
  • Our kitchen white board
  • ESV Bible for Scripture memory
  • This blog

For this month:
What are my priorities this month?

  • Immigration counseling (CFO) in order to...
  • ...renew my passport
  • Visit the gynecologist for routine checkup
  • Register for my final trimester and begin classes
  • Set up morning routine
  • Memorize 20 verses (to be quizzed by my husband!)
  • Read one book on creativity. I plan to read The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp
I'd love to share this goal-setting journey with you, celebrating victories (big and small) and encouraging one another when there's a bump in the road. So if you wrote a 2016 goals entry, leave the links below! 

And then we breathe and go beyond these bullet points to live. Fully.

Monthly Goal Linkup

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