Victas to SD // California Dreamin' Or, the Bittersweet Reality of Leaving Home

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Iron and Wine, and Judah and the Lion are playing in the background. These musicians  stir up all kinds of emotions--and I have plenty of those--as I write some thoughts about this impending immigration deal.


We're currently in the thick of academic work and visa application is in full swing, even though we haven't set up an interview appointment yet. It is largely up to us when we set it up and we want to do it as soon as possible, but there's just so much to do over the next two weeks for school that I can't give the visa process 100% of my attention.

Regardless, I've been thinking about it more than usual lately especially whenever I update my mom. I think of my family. My friends. My hometown. This seminary. The slow pace of things encourages such thoughts to linger:

Life as I know it will change; life as I've experienced it will be imported, altered, appropriated. And I will be transplanted to put down roots in a foreign land in a couple months (hopefully shorter, because The Hubs really misses carne asada fries and fish tacos).

On Wellness and Wholeness

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A couple mornings ago as I was praying, I asked the Lord about wellness. Scripture does tell us that if anyone lacks wisdom, we should ask God and he will give it generously (James 1:5). And I'm in need of some wisdom now especially when filtering through the numerous resources on wellness--how to eat right, sleep right, move right. Most of these sources are science-based but also mostly trendy and faddish in my opinion. With so many options vying for my attention, how do I start pursuing wellness?

I'm convinced that it is not as if the word of God can only tend to my "spiritual life" and has nothing to say about wellness in other aspects. I can't separate spiritual wellness from the rest of me--the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of me.

4 Hats: Roles, Calling, and Life Seasons

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Where am I, really, at this time in my life? 

I'm learning that we can label ourselves according to the things that we do (like what I'm trying to do in this post) When it comes to goal-setting, having these labels of what we do can help, but who we are is much wider and deeper. In other words, we are more than the sum of our daily tasks and responsibilities. The things we do are certainly part of who we are but they do not define us. Our core, our center of who we are is just that--the source from which everything else springs.


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Here's a thought: My time with God in the word, in prayer, and in community is worth losing some followers on my online platforms. Because it is during these moments, these means of grace, which enable me to be in a position to receive and then I have something of true value to share with others. Then more connections happen.

I just want to share from the overflow, like it used to be.

This thought has been gripping me since we launched Victapolis: that to write/blog and be active in social media is a means of building God's kingdom, rather than building MY kingdom of followers. My pursuit of blogging growth, if I'm not careful, can dry me up spiritually. At the outset, I could have easily said that the numbers don't define me. But the more I get steeped into how most of the blogosphere is now, the more the numbers do matter and I feel the urge to do whatever it takes to get those numbers.

This is about a change in perspective.

2016 Goals // January

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goals and priorities for january

At the beginning of January, I posted a list of goals and which quarter I would (ideally) pursue them. The list looks more organized as a blog entry compared to how it's written down in one of my many journals. But because life happens, plans change, and life happens some more, the lists for each month and quarter evolve.

So what did I focus on this month and how did I do? Behold, the highs and the lows of my January goals (if you read that out loud, it totally rhymed...kind of.)