2016 Goals // January

goals and priorities for january

At the beginning of January, I posted a list of goals and which quarter I would (ideally) pursue them. The list looks more organized as a blog entry compared to how it's written down in one of my many journals. But because life happens, plans change, and life happens some more, the lists for each month and quarter evolve.

So what did I focus on this month and how did I do? Behold, the highs and the lows of my January goals (if you read that out loud, it totally rhymed...kind of.)

1. Reboot P90X3 with my husband.
We were winning at this one for most of the month. I credit our consistency to the fact that we are doing this together, using a calendar to track our streak and celebrate the weekly victories. Also, one major motivation for us was the documentary Fed Up, which highlights child obesity in the United States. We watched it on Netflix earlier this month. The information presented was so compelling that it made us even more conscious about our diet.

We love P90X3 because each workout is short but intense and we get to do something different every day. We are now on week four, the transition week, before we move on to the next block of the program. We missed two days of workout this week because of our Manila trip, which leads me to goal numero dos!

2. Visa Journey: CFO office visit
This visit was a government required step for me to renew my passport, and then proceed with the immigrant visa application. The trip was fruitful and quite educational, really. More on this in another blog post! But thank God this step was hassle-free.

3. Wake up at 6:30 am every day, to bed by 10:30pm
Nope. Didn't happen. Well, it did, but only for the first two weeks. The annual lectureship at our seminary kind of messed up my schedule  taught me that I need to be better at anticipating changes in schedule, especially during major events. For some reason, there were MANY nights when I found myself suddenly brimming with ideas and thoughts right when I'm in bed (night owl productivity!), whereas my husband can fall asleep 2 minutes after we turn off the lights.

I just tell myself it's a girl thing to be so alert at night with all these thoughts swimming around in my noggin. Although I was so inconsistent with my sleep cycles, I'm still on the quest to being a morning lark. And because I didn't wake up early all the time, I wasn't always able to...

4. Continue HelloMornings...at least not in the morning.
I don't beat myself up for not waking up early enough to do HelloMornings (in the mornings) because the whole point is not simply about sticking to a routine; for me, it's more about pursuing what really matters most in the day to day. Honestly, I am not at all overwhelmed nor disappointed and I'm still grateful for the God. Plan. Move structure that HelloMornings brings to my day.

5. No more white rice in the evenings, lower rice consumption throughout the week.
Except for one night, I didn't eat rice during dinner throughout this month (yay!). I eat less than a cup of white rice during the day if we eat at the seminary cafeteria. We've also switched to red rice here at the apartment but because I like its taste and texture, I still have to be careful not to eat too much of it. So far, so good!

6. Get a Pap test.
As a preventive measure against cervical cancer and other weird stuff in my nether regions, I had a Pap test done sometime this month. Results came back normal and after an ultrasound, I even found out my ovaries are no longer polycystic (I used to have PCOS when I was a teenager). Hollaaaaa.

7. Sunday prayer time with Carlo.
I absolutely love that we're praying together more. I treasure these Sunday evenings and I'm grateful for each opportunity to come to the Lord with my husband. We keep it simple but we always sense the renewal of our spirits post-prayer. His peace. Assurance. Hope. The love of God, the center of our marriage.


The last trimester started off well, I'm still reading Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit, and I'm still memorizing Scripture (but not being quizzed by The Hubs). Overall, this month's goals--the big ones that have greater impact--are taken care of and that's worth celebrating.

Today I greet February with a hug and an extra layer of clothing for the colder days ahead.

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