2016 Goals // March

February just exited and it's already March 2 here AND OH MY DEADLINES and I am out of breath and maybe you are, too, so let's all take a deep breath together. Ready?

Inhale. Hold. 
Exhale. Savor. 

Last month, I was able to slay the goals that matter: renew my passport, make major progress in my final seminary requirements, and continue with P90X3. This month is gonna be a whirlwind unless I get my ducks in a row and actually stick to the schedules I write for myself. I did well with goals last month but all that's done now. This right here is what matters.

March goals:

1. Wrap up seminary life for now! Finish 2 papers + 2 book critiques + 2 reading logs for my last 2 classes. Sell some of our stuff that we don't want to bring to the U.S. Settle any payments and get back deposits.

2. Major progress with US visa application. Pick up passport, police/NBI clearances, finish the necessary forms, book medical and interview appointments! I really need to hustle this month because we'll be packing our bags and leaving Baguio on the 31st.

We'll be nomads for the rest of the summer: first, we'll watch Les Miserables in Manila on April 3, visit my family for a couple weeks in Olongapo and bring our stuff there. Next, we'll head to the gorgeous island of Palawan for ministry and perhaps a mini-vacation! We are hoping and praying that we'll be in San Diego come May.

3. Finish our last month of P90X3 and start our second round! We only have four weeks of high-intensity workouts left. Last year we only made it till week 6 but this time we'll go all the way to week 13! Right after that, we might pick our favorite workouts and then re-start the program in April. Gotta get that beach body in time for Palawan, too ;)

I honestly can't wait for this trimester to end already so I can finally do some spring cleaning--not just in the apartment but in the different areas of my life.

However, lest I end this post on a less-than-grateful-for-the-busyness note, I want to list what I'm thankful for in February: Carlo's 30th birthday, good friends and deep conversations about marriage, good books, and resources on spiritual formation.

It may be March already but it's not too late for a refresh/restart. What are your March goals? What are you thankful for today?

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