an anniversary letter to my husband

photo captured by Jeremiah James Lopez

Today is our Paper Anniversary--twelve months of stories, adventuring, and growth as husband and wife. Thinking of paper may conjure up images of frailty, but for me it's still a mark of permanence in the same way that literature outlives their makers. Perspective matters.

My drummer/writer/teacher/warrior-poet/preacher man husband, I'm so proud of you for always pursuing excellence in all that you do. I love you not for who you can become but for who you are now. I'm grateful that our relationship is like two notes, which when played separately are discordant, but played together are harmonious. And everyday we discover that we are so alike and yet different. We are in a dance and we practice everyday as we move to the beat and rhythm of married life. We'll boogie, bop, two-step, electric slide, twist, rumba, jitterbug, fox-trot, Harlem shake our way together. I wouldn't have any other dance partner.

Your kindness towards me teaches me to be kind to myself. You show me both gentleness and strength through your words of truth with love--affirmation, gentle correction, praise, and the daily I Love Yous. We are iron sharpening iron. Together we go through the crucible of life, where the dross is being removed so we can be conformed to Christ's image. I look forward to dreaming more dreams, setting higher goals, and making what matters most happen in our daily walk. In the peaks and valleys, I'll stand with you and with God's help bring you good all the days of our earthly life. We've made it to our first year and our mission continues: through our marriage, this "parable of permanence," to know God and make him known. I love you, Hubs!

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