From the Archives: A Manifesto of Sorts

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I tend to overthink, be over-emotional and over-sensitive. I may or may not have the qualities of an HSP (highly sensitive person). But it doesn’t really matter how accurately I fit the HSP description; what matters to me is how my inner life and relationships are affected. Because emotions are so powerful, I figured that evil could use this against me. I find that a bigger cause for concern than my tendency to cry so easily in certain situations.
If I am to break unhealthy thought patterns, to grow in being more responsible for how I feel, to stop looking for rejection when there is none, and to be secure in people’s love for me, I’ve decided that Philippians 4:8-9 is a great weapon to combat negative thoughts and calm overwhelmed emotions.

Balboa Park Tour

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California Tower now open to the public again! :)
Over a year ago while we were still in the Philippines, The Hubs was already telling me about all the places he’d take me when we get to San Diego, and one of them is the famed Balboa Park. You can’t go to San Diego and miss out on this gem.
We were considering our options regarding passes since there’s plenty of things to see and do in the area. We settled on the Multi-Day Explorer/Zoo Combo for $94 per person, which includes admission to 17 museums and the world famous San Diego Zoo. This explorer package is valid for seven consecutive days. We looked at the rates of all the museums we’re most interested in, added up everything and figured that it would be cheaper to get the multi-day pass.
Carlo and I love going to museums and art exhibits. For our honeymoon in May 2015, we went to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore to see not the beaches or do outdoorsy stuff, but to check out the museums to help us take in the culture; I was certainly thrilled to know that Balboa Park teemed with them. 
Here are some photos to give you a glimpse of our local adventure:

A Lesson in Humility

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Resting by the Fjord by Hans Dahl, date unknown

Three weeks ago today, I landed in LAX carrying two suitcases, a backpack, a curious head and an anxious heart. My husband was home and I officially became a new immigrant.
Within the first two weeks, I got to meet some of the people in Carlo’s life whom I “know” only through social media. In one sense, having that Facebook or Instagram connection was also great since it lessened the awkwardness of meeting them in person for the first time. We’ve been exploring San Diego starting with Balboa Park (a separate post on this coming up!), eating in many of the famous fast food places (I’m looking at you, In ‘N Out), and getting settled with new routines. Three weeks later, I probably got 5 pounds heavier but I’m definitely enjoying it here.
Before this feeling of enjoyment, however, I experienced a few episodes of anxiety and extreme stress. Everyone tells us not to rush things, but there have been days when I think about all the things I need to take care of ALL AT ONCE–insurance, learning to drive, finding a job, taxes, etc.–and that’s where my anxiety and stress come from. Carlo’s been in the Philippines as a missionary for 5 years and I’ve been uprooted from my homeland of 24 years, so it’s only normal to take it easy for now. I know we need to work on those important tasks, but we should still pace ourselves. We both need the time to adjust even as we set goals and begin new life here, but I struggled so hard to accept that. For the first few days of being in the US, I often felt pangs of guilt for not being able to contribute much.