everything in its right place*

*A stream of consciousness entry. Title is from a Radiohead song.

I dream of a world where diets are no longer a thing,
where donuts are as healthy as broccoli.
Or we eat what we were designed to eat,
what we were designed to crave
so as to make
the invention of donuts

But what would such a world look like?

A world free from disease. Yes, I dreamed a dream. Free
from war, from pain, from loneliness. No elephants or donkeys
that lead a parade of fear, unrest, division.

I have a dream.

And then the Son of Man came and showed us
that everything
will be
in its right place
I opened my eyes

There is a place for the sick, the war-torn
the lonely, the outcast,
the dying soul

All our wishes to extend life
with all our poison
cut, stitch, (re)cover

All our experiments of life
from life birthed in a lab dish
a desire to echo our Maker in
weaving new parts into old machines
temporarily succumbing to decay

And death hurts and it paralyzes me to think
that all of this will be for naught? Surely there must be
something more than this
And there is
And oh, Jesus,
we can say "Death, where is your sting?"
Because you've given us
something more than this
here and now

Everything will be
in its

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