Lazy Butt Confessions

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I like to write.  (False. I like the idea of having written.)
I like to read. (False. No, well, I still do. It’s just that I get easily sucked into the social media black hole that endangers my time to read more substantial things.)
I like to exercise. (False. I like gathering exercise routines on Pinterest because I’m a boss at filing away things for future use.)
I manage my time well and I’m good at goal-setting. (False. I like to set goals but I always forget to make them actionable. Why? Because I spend way too much time experimenting with different bullet journal approaches that I have no time to actually fulfill said goals. Why? Because I feel the need to fill up my current notebooks which, once I’ve accomplished, gives me a good excuse to buy new Moleskines. Which is kind of sad but fun at the same time.) 
My high school classmates affirmed that I’m actually an idle achiever. It saddens me when I think of how I always talk about wanting to get stuff done without really doing anything. Except for reading books I’m interested in and diligently blogging my way through adolescence, I was lazy in high school and in college. I suppose this confirms my Strengths Finder Test results: out of my top 5 strengths, two of them are Learner and Intellection. The Intellection side almost cancels the Learner, the side that always desires to improve and finds delight in the process and not always the results.Now high school and college make more sense. Introspection and learning are strengths but at this point in my life, they can also be weaknesses if I’m not careful.
At what other point in my life will I have all the time I could possibly want and need to lay down healthy habits other than today? I’m taking my current freedom for granted and I know that needs to change. 
I just have this deep sense that I’m missing out on so much because I’m not being more purposeful about where my time goes. I’m letting my own “thinking-thingism” as James K.A. Smith calls it, get in the way. Smith’s book Desiring the Kingdom has been helpful for me in understanding and appreciating how our habits form us. I hope that this little note will be the end of a daily cycle filled with plenty of saying and thinking but not enough doing; of underestimating the power of habit and the fact that humans are embodied creatures that are not primarily “thinking” but “doing” beings. I can’t be the deterrent to my own growth simply because what’s inside my heart does not translate to and connect with my actions (or lack thereof).
Let me end with this scripture as a reminder:

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. — Ephesians 5:15-17

What habits are you trying to form right now?

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