Book Review: None Like Him by Jen Wilkin

What do you do when you're slowly losing your sense of wonder and awe of God because there are far too many things competing for your attention? This was my dilemma so I decided to pick up Jen Wilkin's book None Like Him: 10 Ways God is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing). I knew I needed to recover that sense of wonder and I figured that the best way would be to re-acquaint myself with the attributes of God.

The subtitle does sum up the focus of the book--it highlights God's attributes and contrasts it with human characteristics. Some may say that this is like Tozer's The Attributes of God when it comes to the subject, but it is still different in its presentation and scope. None Like Him highlights 10 attributes whereas Tozer covers a total of 20 in two volumes. Both are amazing works and are sure ways to recover that sense of wonder I mentioned earlier.

None Like Him is well-written, conversational, and accessible in its tone. I appreciate the numerous illustrations the author uses to explain her points derived from Scripture--like a good sermon, stories and examples drive the point closer to home and "brings the fodder down" enough for the listeners (readers) to reach. It's not a dense and academic work but because of her approach, stories and images connect with readers immediately and in more personal ways. In terms of pace, I would recommend that readers go through one chapter per day. Really savor it, and take advantage of the ways the book allows you to engage, which are Scripture references and discussion/reflection questions at the end of each chapter.

The book elevates the holiness and greatness of God and expounds on how each attribute affects our everyday lives. It doesn't sugarcoat the depths of human sin and just how lost we are without God, and yet precisely because God is different from us, we can count on him to do things only he can do; we are free to find joy in depending on God and find fulfillment in worshiping him. It's not only a fear of judgment that inspires worship but rather an understanding, limited as it is, of God's attributes.

I would assume that this book is geared towards women since Jen Wilkin primarily teaches women, but both men and women will benefit from this book.. I highly recommend it for women's group studies and for personal study as well.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Crossway in exchange for an honest review. All opinions my own.

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