week-long wandering pt.3 (bay area edition)

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
For our last installment of Week-long Wandering, I'm sharing highlights from our trip to SF, Berkeley, and Oakland.

Like LA, we stayed at an Airbnb in Oakland as a cheaper alternative to a hotel. We enjoyed our stay and loved our host, Joan. If we ever visit the Bay Area again, we'd definitely book her place. Her house is conveniently located near the freeway and is also close to where the wedding and reception were held. As I mentioned in the first post in the series, we originally intended to go to the Bay Area for a friend's wedding. Here's what happened during our weekend there.

One day before the wedding, we drove to San Francisco to do some touristy things at Fisherman's Wharf. Pro-tip: We booked parking at Hotel Zephyr via Parkwhiz. We paid about half the original all-day price and the hotel is within walking distance of the places we wanted to visit. For food, Yelp all the way!

Seals hangin' out

We didn't go to Madam Tussaud's in LA, which is bigger, but we went to the one in SF. We also checked out Ripley's museum because we like weird things :P Pro-tip: We bought our tickets via Groupon. Check it out if you want to save on admission fees and other things!

Walking around Fisherman's Wharf was good exercise. When we got tired, we decided to go on the boat ride that goes around the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. I'm interested in actually going inside Alcatraz if we get the chance to visit again.

Karl the Fog being up close and personal
We finally got to meet San Francisco's famous fog, Karl. I didn't edit my pictures so much because the fog gave the photos an interesting mood.

We spent Friday, July 29, in SF. The following day, our friends got married in Christ the Light Cathedral in Oakland. Per the couple's request, phones and other devices were not allowed during the ceremony. I thought that decision was wise as it enabled everyone to focus on the beauty of their coming together. Our attention spans are far shorter than they were before, methinks.
The nicest cathedral I've ever been in! This is one of the few photos I took before the ceremony started.
The reception was held inside the California Memorial Stadium, which gave us a spectacular view of Berkeley and SF on the horizon.

Berkeley. SF is visible on the other side of the bay.

Our time in NorCal was really short. We initially wanted to drive via the PCH but it would be cutting it too close to when we had to return the rental car. We could have extended but we didn't have much time planning for a longer trip either. This week-long trip was good practice for a longer road trip though! By that time, I will have learned how to drive so my poor husband won't have to struggle to stay awake, and he can enjoy the views.

Hopefully in the near future, we get to travel long again maybe even all the way to Seattle ;)

What's the longest trip you've gone on? Any recent travel plans for you?

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