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1. Blogging. If I could make a living out of blogging, I would. I've been trying to but I suppose the effort I'm putting into my blog still leaves much to be desired. Regardless of my stats and no matter how much I lament my lack of consistency, I still love blogging. I've been at it during the glory days of Xanga and LiveJournal, and I'm still at it today. It's very likely that I'll be blogging until I die.

2. Stationery. I know I'm not the only one. The office supplies section of Target, Staples, and Office Depot are my happy places. I can't explain it but I just really like paper products, all sorts of pens in different colors, and a variety of sticky notes.

3. Discovering and trying out local eats with my husband. Or doing anything with him, period. I'm glad we've reached that point where we have local favorites that we frequent.

Brunch at Eat Chow // Costa Mesa, CA
Tajima // Convoy Street
Yi Sushi // National City, CA
4. Reading. In the morning, I visit my favorite websites and blogs while eating breakfast. I get into the Word afterwards and later in the day, I work through whatever it is I'm currently reading. Reading and writing help me make sense of the world.

5. Reflecting. Like a true INFJ, I love to contemplate. What do I reflect on? My life, things I'm grateful for, my weaknesses and what I can do about them. I love to reflect on the Gospel. I reflect on the goodness of God, his bigness and my smallness, and how blessed it is to have a great God. I take stock of things that fire me up (as advised by the lovely Lara Casey), what I'm good at, what I love to do. I reflect a lot but I hope to put more action into my everyday goal-setting and thought-processing (which is why I'm excited to purchase Powersheets for the first time this year for 2017!). 

Side note:
P.S. Lara Casey and her team are giving away a grip of awesome goodies! Visit her blog for more info. I have no qualms about sharing this here because it also appeals to my stationery addict sensibilities ;)

YOUR TURN. What are some things that bring YOU joy?

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