how i got rid of perioral dermatitis

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perioral dermatitis solution

How my perioral dermatitis developed and what products I used to clear it up

My first ever bout with perioral dermatitis happened a few weeks ago while I was enjoying Japanese buffet with my husband and another married couple.

As I stood in line to get starters, the lower right corner of my mouth started to itch. I thought nothing of it and scratched the area a bit. A few minutes later I asked Carlo if there was a rash on that part of my face. He said there was something but it wasn't noticeable. The itch was on and off up until we got home and it felt like there was a scaly rash that kept getting bigger. The following morning these little bumps showed up around my lip line and it was itchy as heck. I decided to leave it alone to see if it would subside the following day.

It didn't.