Relationships: Thoughts on Singleness

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There was a point in my life when I thought I would be single forever.
I shared this with my mom when we were driving home one afternoon. I told her that maybe I was like Paul—gifted with singleness for life so I could serve God with an undivided heart. She thought I was being silly. She laughed and then she told me not to close my doors. You never know.
She was right, in all her Mom Radar/Mom Intuition glory.
I had idealized the thought of being single. Choosing not to marry and be celibate for the rest of my life felt like the ideal thing to do. It seemed like the only way for me to be a better Christian. I've made some mistakes before marrying Carlo but throughout the years prior to saying "I do," I've grown in many ways I never thought possible. I treasure those 24 years.
Today I am happily married and I'm learning a new set of lessons as a wife. But before I share those, let's look back at what I learned during my season of singleness.

in celebration of freedom: thoughts on the US 2016 Election, the Marcos burial, and the Gospel

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What a day.

Today, I read the news that the Philippines' former president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos would be given a hero's burial. He's been dead for nearly 30 years. It is infuriating news considering the atrocities that happened under his regime--military rule where thousands were imprisoned, tortured, and killed, ill-gotten wealth leaving the country in debt and many to suffer poverty. He stayed in power for 20 years. The road to restoring democracy was a long and arduous one.

Many contend the fact that there was no law against this decision by the Supreme Court. In my opinion, that's not the issue. Despite the legalities, it is a slap to the face of those who suffered under his presidency. The point is not whether he could be legally buried there but rather what it says about how we view justice, how we treat corrupt politicians, and how this act blatantly disregards Martial Law victims. It's not about his achievements as a military man and president, but rather about the dark realities of his dictatorship. To bury him as a hero only for the "good" that he did would be tantamount to neglecting justice. Those who oppose his burial ask that the Marcos family own up to the atrocities--the protests are in the name of pursuing truth and justice and not simply for expressing sentimentality.