on new jeans and expansion

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Late last year I lamented the fact that I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life. I've gained about 12 happy pounds since getting married in 2015. It's easy to get sad that I'll never be the same size as I was in high school (perfectly normal), so instead I just choose to focus on getting stronger everyday. In fact, while some of the weight gain may be fat, I'm pretty sure part of it is water weight and muscle from working out.

Instead of forcing myself to fit jeans I would have worn in college, I've come to accept that those days are gone. Pants that are a couple inches wider reflect who I am now. While most of my clothes from 2011 still fit me today, I bought new jeans last year because my old ones don't fit as well anymore. These new jeans have become a way for me to make peace with my body and to embrace new things that come my way.

january goals

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patricia's 2017 goals

I'm always experimenting with a system for each area of my life--how to be a morning person, establishing a daily routine, morning versus evening quiet time, what workout to do and when, etc. I have A LOT of goals and I've experimented countless times with how to define and achieve them. One system might work for someone and not for me, but I try anyway. My Simplified Planner's quote for today says, "Be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods."I have a lot of goals this year but I'll be flexible about how I reach them.

Last year I wrote a list of "faith goals" and God had an answer for ALL of them. They weren't always answered in the way that I thought or hoped them to be, but all of them were fulfilled. And so, I move forward this 2017 knowing that I can set goals big and small, trusting that whatever lines up with God's plans will come to pass and what does not will be re-calibrated.

Here are some goals for this month that I will be stubborn about:

Carlo's Favorite Movies of 2016

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Why are you here? Is it to see if Rogue One made the list? To see which foreign comedy and animated movie muscled their way into the Top 5? Why... why?! (Photo source: Digital Spy)

Hey, it’s not too late for an end-of-2016 list, aye? :) First, here's a bonus– the year’s most disappointing movies for me:
  • Midnight Special – A classic case of expectations meets the pavement. Some will disagree, but IMO this was a sci-fi slog.
  • The Divergent Series: Allegiant – I really liked the first movie and didn’t care much for the second. Now the fourth will go straight to TV, and Shailene Woodley isn’t even interested. This should tip you off to the quality of the third.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – One word: “Martha.”
  • Star Trek Beyond – Ah yes, "The Fast and the Furification” of the Star Trek franchise. Don’t get me wrong—I liked the previous two Trek films (and Furious 7, to be sure). That said, this movie frustrated me in a way that most people won’t identify with. I’m talking predictability, an appalling number of “coincidences,” stale action sequences, and much more. At times, things got so absurd I half-expected Vin Diesel to pop up in a Starfleet uniform, drive a muscle car through an asteroid field, and worst of all—survive.
  • Passengers – Boasts one of the most contrived endings I’ve seen of late. This showed promise with Starlord and J.Law on board, but as the proceedings grew more ludicrous I wanted off at the next stop.

caffeine chronicles | 04: por vida

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At Barrio Logan. Photo by yours truly.
Por Vida is a homegrown coffee shop, gallery, and store celebrating Mexican art and tradition. They serve "locally roasted, fair trade, and organic coffee with a Mexican twist." My Instagram pal Christian introduced me to this little gem in Barrio Logan close to Chicano Park, which was recently named as a National Historic Landmark!

caffeine chronicles | 03: holsem coffee

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Photo source: Explore North Park
Hello friends! Over the next few days, I'll be updating the blog with some of last year's coffee shop visits. Today our featured cafe is Holsem Coffee over at North Park. I went there sometime in September to have a nice long chat with my friend Jahara, who went to the same church that I attended back in the Philippines. It's been years since I last saw her and we ended up connecting in San Diego of all places.