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I'm always experimenting with a system for each area of my life--how to be a morning person, establishing a daily routine, morning versus evening quiet time, what workout to do and when, etc. I have A LOT of goals and I've experimented countless times with how to define and achieve them. One system might work for someone and not for me, but I try anyway. My Simplified Planner's quote for today says, "Be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods."I have a lot of goals this year but I'll be flexible about how I reach them.

Last year I wrote a list of "faith goals" and God had an answer for ALL of them. They weren't always answered in the way that I thought or hoped them to be, but all of them were fulfilled. And so, I move forward this 2017 knowing that I can set goals big and small, trusting that whatever lines up with God's plans will come to pass and what does not will be re-calibrated.

Here are some goals for this month that I will be stubborn about:

Discipline: in my health, spiritual life, and relationships.
+ Finish one round of 21 Day Fix. I signed up for the yearly all-access service over at Beachbody.com. Cheaper than a gym membership, I don't have to go elsewhere to exercise, and I can try out different workouts to know what I truly enjoy. I'm in my second week now and I found the program to be quite sustainable. If I actually follow the meal plan, I'll be leaner and stronger by the second round.

+ Participate in Club 1189. This is my church's Bible-in-a-year reading plan. I'm already a third of the way into reading the Bible using M'Cheyne's one year schedule, but I jumped aboard the Club 1189 train to read the New Testament more slowly and more prayerfully. I like the system because it provides accountability and encouragement. This way I get to read the NT twice and journal more--a good way to use the heaps of empty notebooks I have.

+ Love my husband better by growing in speaking his love languages: words of affirmation and physical touch. I also want to try to communicate with my US-based relatives more (I totally suck at this and I have no qualms admitting it. I want this to change.)

The Great Search: for jobs and a new car
Welp, we're still in the thick of job hunting. Carlo left his old work because it just wasn't a healthy place to be in. Looking forward to padding our savings account and making a big purchase this year: an extra car. We are praying for the Lord's provision and perfect timing.

Enjoy: two books and blogging
+ For this year, I wrote down that I wanted to read 25 books with the hopes and plans of exceeding it. I figured I should start with a realistic number first and it seems to be working. I already surpassed my reading goals as I'm now reading my 4th book of the month. Yay! I'll list the things I read at the end of the month.

+ Blogging has taken a backseat but a few people have encouraged me to keep writing, and so that's what I'll do.

Will be hoppin' around to visit some blogs later this week. Hope to visit yours!

Cheering you on for YOUR goals,


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