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Revolution Roasters
It was raining so hard sometime last December when we visited Oceanside on the 31st but the trip was well worth it. We went on a day trip to spend some time at Carlsbad where Carlo's stepsister lives. On the last day of 2016, we bonded over Settlers of Catan, ate good lunch, and petted a couple doggies. To cap off the day before we drove back south, we visited Revolution Roasters.

They are craft coffee experts and as the name suggests, they roast small batches of responsibly-sourced beans from different parts of the world. Their merch is pretty awesome, too--camper mugs, baseball tees, canvas tote bags, coffee-making gear, and of course, the beans themselves.

List of concoctions:

I tried their butterscotch latte and it didn't taste as sweet as I thought it would be. The butterscotch flavor is just right--I can taste the brown sugar just a little bit but it wasn't overwhelming either. The coffee itself is smooth. I would recommend it for your first visit! Carlo had the Dirty Chai but it was just okay for me. We both like dirty chai from another coffee shop up in Murrieta, which I'll be featuring another time. :)

Boar head!
It's a cozy shop but can still seat a lot of people especially now that they added chairs outside (not pictured). Revolution Roasters is the perfect spot to recharge, get inspired, purchase coffee-themed items, and try some craft coffee if you're in the Oceanside area.

Revolution Roasters 
located at 1836 South Coast Highway 
Oceanside, CA 92054
Open everyday from 6am-6pm

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