my first lush cosmetics experience

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After 25 years (going on 26 in June!), I've finally started paying attention to my skin. I moved to the US from the Philippines nearly a year ago and the change in climate brought about some changes in my skin as well, especially on my face. It's incredibly humid in the Philippines while California air is really dry. While I'm glad my nose didn't bleed from the climate shift, it was my skin that took a blow.

Cetaphil seemed to do the job until, well, it didn't anymore. I went for a facial a couple months ago and the lady who did it said that I needed to upgrade. Also, thanks to her, I now know that I have normal skin. All these years I thought I had combination skin! I followed her advice and gave myself permission to splurge a bit. My college self would have laughed at you if you told me I'd drop $$$ on skin care products. Skin care is probably one of the things I wouldn't skimp on now.

I wanted to try a bunch of products but I figured that wouldn't be the best for my skin, so I did my research online. There were a few strong contenders but I knew that I wanted to go natural. Enter Lush!

I had heard of Lush back when I was in the Philippines mainly because of their famous bath bombs. But because I didn't go out much (I was one happy introvert), I didn't know they had stores there. I probably wouldn't have purchased them anyway because it was more expensive. So glad I'm in North America where it's relatively cheaper. Here's what I ended up buying:

Good Friday

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Today we remember. We revisit. We take it all in once more.
Today is not the day to celebrate...yet.


It's Good Friday and I'm really looking forward to our church service later tonight. The approach will be different from any Good Friday service I've ever attended, mostly because it's going to be so solemn and I find that to be more sobering. Like I said above, it's not yet time to celebrate, exactly. I believe Jesus is alive, yes, but without the darkness of Good Friday, the light of Easter will not be possible. This week has been long and tiring for both Carlo and I, and we both need this night to just be still with God's people and remember our Savior's suffering.


Here are some resources for your Good Friday (and Easter) reflections:
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march madness: early spring updates

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Spring is probably my second favorite season after fall, especially early spring. I'm not a huge fan of summer and I'm still getting used to winter evenings here, so spring time is that sweet spot between not too hot and not too cold weather. This season is also special to me since I arrived in the US during spring, and this coming May will actually be my first year anniversary! If I stop--really stop--to think about the past few months, I'd be blown away by the numerous changes that happened. Here's a brief rundown of what's going on lately: