weekend reads

The irony of this photo is that all of the articles I listed are online :))

Happy Saturday friends! Here's a round up of some interesting links for your breakfast browse, afternoon coffee break, or evening wind-down.

Have a great rest of the weekend ahead!

one year in America


I cried at the airport. I cried when I said I wouldn't and I held on to my mom and dad before we had to go inside the terminal at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I held back tears the whole trip to Manila but when I got off the van, I just lost it. The reality of my leaving behind the Philippines hit me hard only at that moment.

Yesterday I celebrated my one year (!) anniversary of living in the United States. May 11, 2017 I boarded a new Boeing 787 with my husband and what few earthly possessions I had. I landed in LAX and it was still May 11 in San Diego, California--it was a fresh start.

A lot happened in one year. Here's a list of highlights in no particular order: