one year in America


I cried at the airport. I cried when I said I wouldn't and I held on to my mom and dad before we had to go inside the terminal at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I held back tears the whole trip to Manila but when I got off the van, I just lost it. The reality of my leaving behind the Philippines hit me hard only at that moment.

Yesterday I celebrated my one year (!) anniversary of living in the United States. May 11, 2017 I boarded a new Boeing 787 with my husband and what few earthly possessions I had. I landed in LAX and it was still May 11 in San Diego, California--it was a fresh start.

A lot happened in one year. Here's a list of highlights in no particular order:

Letting my third and largest tattoo heal after getting it one week before our trip!

Meeting more of Carlo's friends and family

Visiting Carlo's alma mater, UCSD

Geisel Library, UCSD

  • Belonging to a new home church

  • Exploring different corners of San Diego
Making the most of unemployment. Finding my first job, losing it soon after. Learning to drive and getting my license. Finding another job that I enjoy so much.

Visiting LA and San Francisco

Visiting New York, Houston, and Miami

Seeing some of my favorite bands/artists (Mouse on the Keys, Kings Kaleidoscope, Citizens & Saints, Madeon, Porter Robinson,  LOCAL NATIVES!)

Dressing up as Darth Vader for Halloween
Yes, that's me. Missing Vader's belt because I was still just trying on the costume :))

Spending Christmas with my relatives on my mom's side

Reconnecting with my friend Jessie after two years

Eating some of the best Mexican, Japanese, and Italian food I've had in my life

...and so. much. more.

Needless to say, I experienced so many new things in just 12 months. This post doesn't even cover everything.

One year in and I do miss my family. But I'm glad we have the internet to make communication much easier even though their connection is often spotty. Hopefully by next year, we would be able to visit.

The transition has been fairly easy but it's only because of God's grace that I'm able to adapt. Lord forbid I ever take living here for granted. Now, Carlo and I are taking steps towards being more financially independent and just overall getting even more settled with our jobs, routines, and relationships. Most important of all, we're growing in our individual walks with the Lord and in our marriage (two subjects I would like to write about more often).

Thank you God for San Diego. This feels like home now.

  1. Yay, I'm happy for you, Ate Pat! Happy Anniversary! <3

    And wow, your home church's building is amazing!

    1. Hi Arli! Thank you!

      Where did you find it? Did you visit the website? :)

    2. The photo above the "home church" bullet point is the Geisel Library at UCSD if that's what you're talking about, hehe.

    3. Whoops, my mistake, Ate Pat! I'm sorry - I mistook it for your home church. Either way, the Geisel Library building looks amazing and so other-worldly. Like a tree too. :-)

    4. Hehe that's okay! The library is named after Dr. Seuss--full name Theodore Seuss Geisel :)

  2. Happy 1st anniversary in San Diego! One year ka na dito, hindi pa rin tayo nagkikita. HAHAHA

    1. LOL I know right?! My office is at Old Town so feel free to hit me up for lunch or dinner when you're free :D