Happy Independence Day to my American friends! Because today's a holiday, I figured I had plenty of time to write. So I wrote two post drafts today but decided that both of them are too underdeveloped to be shared. This leaves us with a short and sweet entry about my current faves right.

READING: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and Dwell: Life with God for the Sake of the World by Barry D. Jones

LISTENING TO: The Baby Driver soundtrack.

WATCHING: Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. Two of the greatest TV shows ever made.

WEARING: A red Madewell blouse pictured above (which I found for a steal at Buffalo Exchange at Hillcrest) and denim shorts for 4th of July. I'm also a huge fan of these mules that I got from Latigo Shoes.

Perfume should count here, right? Lately I've been drawn to the original Chloe perfume. It was a hit in the office, which actually made me wonder if I was putting on too much. I try not to but I guess the perfume is just that strong. Perfumes can be a hit or miss since the scent changes depending on who's wearing it. For Chloe though, I like how well it blends with my body chemistry so it doesn't smell old lady-ish on me.

LOVING: Being 26. I think turning 26 last month made me feel like I'm more of an adult than I was at 25. Maybe it's because it moved me closer to turning 30? I'm paying more bills? I can drive on my own now? Whatever the case, I'm happy with where I am and with taking things one day at a time. This has been my healthiest year yet and I can see discipline and some measure of consistency bearing fruit. It truly pays to be patient. #progressnotperfection

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Making the most of this season and leaving a positive impact at work, becoming a better wife,  the deep work God is doing in my heart everyday to make me look more like Christ.

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