Starting my essential oils journey

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My first exposure to essential oils was probably 10 or so years ago. I remember hearing the word "aromatherapy" from my mom. We used to have this little dark blue porcelain diffuser that stood in the little corner of our living room. She would fire it up using a tealight, top it up it with fragrant oils, and the house would smell divine. My mom used it mainly to keep our house smelling nice and the diffuser served as decoration, too.

Fast forward to today, essential oils (EOs) are present in many of the social media accounts and blogs I follow. There is something a bit faddish about it and I figured maybe it wasn't for me, but I was curious nonetheless. Then I met a lady who sold doTERRA and my curiosity was piqued even more.


I had heard of doTERRA a couple years ago after one of the aunties made me try her lemon oil during a mission trip (a few of us were feeling sick from exhaustion and the weather). That was the first time I ever ingested oil. Whether or not it worked, I don't remember.

When I met with this doTERRA lady, I had little knowledge of EOs and knew even less about doTERRA. After our meeting, it drove me to do a lot of research over the next few weeks. I got sucked into the search engine wormhole looking up everything EO related, and eventually decided to take the plunge by becoming a doTERRA member. I also tried to understand how doTERRA, being a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, does business.

Based on my research, the oils can actually be a hit or miss depending on how your brain associates a particular scent or how your body reacts to it. But I am, however, convinced of the science behind how smells can affect our mood. For this reason alone, I decided to join the bandwagon.

For my first EO purchase, I ordered the introductory kit, Lavender Touch, and Peace Touch (with Motivate thrown in for free from this week's BOGO). I'll try it out for a few months to see if it would make sense for me financially and to know if it works (or more precisely, what oils would work for me). If anything, I just enjoy the different smells. Read on all the way to the end to know how I intend to use the oils.

In addition to these doTERRA oils, I also purchased the Christmas Morning kit from Rocky Mountain Oils. I'm actually excited to diffuse these! While I'll be mainly using doTERRA for my initial EO experience, I'll probably try out more RMO oils in the future since I can get free shipping from RMO, and there are no annual membership fees required to get wholesale pricing.


Mood regulator. My theory is that whatever I expect the oil will do, it probably will. This is because of brain priming. It's either I already associate a scent to do something specific (lavender will relax me) or I make new associations based on what a specific blend is intended for (this blend is supposed to help me focus). How our brains process what the olfactory nerves receive is fascinating to me. In using oils for this purpose, I see it as a good way to cope with stress and be self-motivated (read: improve mental health).

PMS management. Whenever I would feel sick, my mom would use natural products from her arsenal: boiling oregano leaves to suppress cough, rubbing manzanilla (chamomile) oil on my tummy to relieve gas and muscle pain, making me drink tea with honey and lemon to ward off a cold. All of them would work wonders every single time, so I'm sold on the idea that some plants actually do something good to my body.

Recently, cramps have been awful on the first two days of my period and I would occasionally have mild migraines and nausea. I'm hoping that peppermint or blends that purport to relieve cramps would help. Some days a hot compress just won't cut it and I want a more natural alternative to Tylenol.
If you have a Filipino mom, she probably used this on you at some point.
Massages. It should be interesting mixing coconut oil with different EOs.

DIY projects. I'd like to venture into making my own soap and skin care products at some point.

I'm looking forward to trying out my doTERRA oils! As of this post's writing, I'm waiting for my oils to arrive. Stay tuned for reviews and more EO related content!

Here's a sampling of content that I read before buying my first oils:

A good intro to EOs from the Bulletproof blog.

Sure, essential oils smell great. But are they good for anything else? (LA Times).

Does aromatherapy really work? (Time Magazine).

And my current go-to for EO information, expert Robert Tisserand's resource website. I also read through his mini-course that covers what EOs are, their uses, how the body metabolizes, and more.

Have you ever used essential oils? What are some of your favorites?
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