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Filipinos take Christmas celebration to a whole new level. That's why when I first moved to California, the lack of holiday cheer in September was new to me. But we're now a week into December and there's no denying that Christmas is upon us! 

It's been a while since I participated in a linkup, let alone share what I've been digging lately. Today I'm joining Anne and Catherine for The Currently Linkup to change that. :)

Lighting // Not lighting any candles but I have been diffusing my essential oils. The diffuser I use has different light settings so I suppose that counts. I love making our space smell like Christmas with this holiday blend from Rocky Mountain Oils (also pictured above). The Evergreen Dream blend takes me back to when Carlo and I lived in Baguio City, Philippines.

We lived in the mountains for a year and had this breathtaking view every. single. day. I miss waking up to fog and the smell of pine trees.
Spending // More quality time with my extended family. In 2018, I really want to make it a goal to be more present in the lives of my relatives here in San Diego. This year I kinda sucked at building relationships but to be fair, I need to give myself more time to grow those connections--whether it's with family, church, or new friends. Maybe it's just me but it seems that making friends is a little harder when you're an adult. Whether that's accurate or not, it's clear that I need to show up, to remember that we were made for community, and deep relationships will often require me to carve out time for it to happen.

Choosing // To resist the culture of consumerism. I need to unsubscribe to so many newsletters that just fuel my desire to buy, buy, buy things I don't need. 

Sending // Some love your way, if your holidays have been hard, if your family is going through something unexpected, when life has thrown you a curve ball. I pray for the love, peace, and joy of God to envelop you.

Singing // 10,000 Reasons as our church worship team rehearses it in the background. <3

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